NuneX Enterprises LLC dba NeXus Cloud Solutions has selected Synology's vast selection of Network Attached Storage (NAS) products and associated software for Hardware-based Cloud Solutions. These solutions can range from individual/personal and work group office environments to enterprise level data centers.

Our NeXus Synology Hybrid Cloud Solutions include integration, customization (where applicable), pre-staging and installation services, and support. Please contact our Cloud Solutions Architects for more information on how Synology's products may be the ideal solution for your personal and business needs.

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You might be aware of high-profile Ransomware attacks affecting Educational Institutions of varying sizes and government agencies that dominate news headlines on a near daily basis, but did you know that:

Most hackers target Educational Institutions?

Cybercriminals believe Educational Institutions are ideal candidates for a Ransomware hit as they are assumed to have lower defenses in place when compared to enterprise organizations.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware occurs when a criminal hacker encrypts your data and demands a cash payment, often as much as hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, in return for handing the data back to you. However, there is no guarantee that the data will be returned after payment.


While there are many tools you can use to significantly reduce your chances of a Ransomware attack, the best strategy to keep your data safe is to secure it in an offsite location.

Multi-version backup

Create a multi-version backup for point-in-time recovery to avoid paying a hefty ransom to unlock your data using a robust backup solution allowing you to restore previous versions of the infected files.

Back up data to other destinations

Add another layer of protection by having uninfected backup versions stored in an offsite location and the cloud. If you fall victim of ransomware, you can still access data stored at different locations.

4-3-2 Backup Rule

Unexpected data loss from hard drive failures, natural disasters, and ransomware attacks pose potential threats to your critical data. Use the 4-3-2 Backup Strategy to protect your data, thereby minimizing the risk of data loss.

NuneX Enterprises LLC dba NeXus Cloud Solutions (NuneX-NeXus) is a technology company and MSP specializing in IT Services and Cloud Solutions. NuneX is a Synology Corp. authorized reseller. Not only do we partner and sell Solutions from our partners, we actually use them for our internal business operations and processes.  NuneX-NeXus caters its cloud solutions to meet specific business and organizational requirements by leveraging the products, capabilities, and services from our manufacturer partners. NuneX currently possess two state of New Mexico contract vehicles that can make procurement simple, compliant and timely.

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